Custom Document Set Actions

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I just created my first project on Codeplex. I created 2 custom document set actions that could become handy when using document sets in SharePoint Designer workflows.

With the first action you can get a property (a column value) from the upper document set while the workflow is running on the underlying document. The value is stored in a local workflow variable and can be used to update a column of the current item or to make a workflow decision.

In English the above action looks like:
Returns the Column of the parent DocumentSet in Variabel.

The second action I created unrecords all documents in a document set. This action becomes handy if you want to send a document set to another location while some of it’s underlying documents are in-place records or records.

In English the above action looks like:
Unrecord all Documents in DocSet

You can find the codeplex project here:
Custom Document Set Actions


Message “Records Center is not properly configured for this request” when adding DocumentSet

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This is a very generic error message and the SharePoint error log does not give a lot of extra information.

Yesterday, testing a ‘send to’ connection to a record center, we kept getting this message only when trying to submit a documentset. We had no problems submitting individual documents.

The solution is that you have to create at least 1 routing rule in the ‘Records Pending Routing’ library that you are sending your documentset to. After creating the rule everything worked as it should.

Eventreceiver that triggers on unzipping a SharePoint 2010 DocumentSet after routing

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I needed to automatically convert documents that are added to a Records Library to PDF. The documents are part of a DocumentSet when they are submitted to the record centre. They are routed to their final destination and after that they are unpacked (unzipped). The moment they are unzipped I wanted to convert them, so I thought as a trigger I could use the ItemAdded event for each document that was unzipped.

The ItemAdded eventreciever triggers when the documentset is added to the Record Library by the content router (so far so good), but when the DocumentSet is unpacked (unzipped) the ItemAdded eventreceiver is not triggered at all. Instead, to my surprise, for each document that is unzipped the ItemUpdated event is triggered. Unexpected, but it does the job.