Spliting a contentdatabase in SharePoint 2010 can be usefull when a sitecollection becomes to big and you want to move it to another database. This same technique can also be used to combine sitecollections from different content databases to one content database (maybe because in the end the content did not grow as fast as you would have expected ).

Start by exporting the sitecollection. Go to central admin and choose Backup and Restore:

Backup and Restore

Next choose ‘Perform a sitecollection backup’:

Export a sitecollection

Choose a sitecollection and give a name and location for your backup:

You have now exported the sitecollection. Next we will import the sitecollection in another contentdatabase. Go to central admin -> Application management -> Manage Content Databases and create a new contentdatabase for the webapplication in which the above exported sitecollection lives:

Add a new content database

Now we will move the sitecollection to the other contentdatabase. Start up Powershell (SharePoint 2010 Management Shell) and enter the following command:

Restore-SPSite -Identity -Path [-DatabaseServer ] [-DatabaseName ] [-HostHeader ] [-Force] [-GradualDelete] [-Verbose]

Which in my example will look like:

Restore-SPSite -Identity http://sp2010:82 -Path c:\test.bak -DatabaseServer SP2010 -DatabaseName WSS_Content_2f5af4672a134a9e9414c704cd3ac806 -force

Do not forget to add the ‘-force’ or else the existing sitecollection will not be overwritten.


After this command the sitecollection is moved to the other contentdatabase: